Sarah Tomlinson


Monday, Feb 15, 1808
Fradley, Staffordshire, England


Saturday, Jan 1, 1842
Age: 33


Thursday, Oct 28, 1847
Winter Quarters, Nebraska
Burial: Council Bluffs, Iowa
Age: 39

Lived in Nauvoo

Tags: #Converts Sarah Tomlinson Thursday, March 12, 2015 5:51 AM   Baptism: 1 Nov 1871, but confirmed 1 Jan 1843   Holland, John, a veteran Elder of Kaysville, Davis county, Utah, was born March 23, 1836, at Barton, Staffordshire, England, the son of William Holland and Sarah Tomlinson. He emigrated to America the same year with his parents, crossing the Atlantic in the ship “Fannie” (which sailed from Liverpool, England, Jan. 23, 1844), arrived at New Orleans March 7, 1844, and at Nauvoo, Ill., April 13, 1844. He was baptized by Thomas Clark at Nauvoo in the summer of 1844. His father died Oct. 2, 1844, and young John lived with a neighbor until 1846, when he started West, going as far as Garden Grove, where he stopped until the spring of 1847, when he continued the journey to Council Bluffs and crossed the Missouri river to Winter Quarters. He worked on a farm until his mother with a part of her family arrived from Nauvoo. The mother being sick, died Oct. 28, 1847, at Winter Quarters. John then went to Weston, Missouri, where he worked in a pork house through the winter. He made several journeys between Weston and Winter Quarters until 1850, when a few “Mormon” families left Weston for Utah, John going with them. That year ( 1850 ) he crossed the plains in a freight company, and in 1853 settled temporarily at Kaysville. In 1855 he moved to Ogden, where he assisted in building the Ogden tabernacle. In 1865 he was ordained an Elder by Dr. Samuel L. Sprague. Previous to this he had taken part in the Echo canyon war. In 1860 (Dec. 9th) he married Mary Burton, who bore him six children. She died Jan. 15, 1874, and ten years later (Aug. 15, 1884 ) he married Julia Woods. He located at Plain City, Weber county, in 1876, and became a resident of Kaysville again in 1905. On June 24, 1899, he was ordained a High Priest by Joseph Parry. Bro. Holland has had three sons on missions in England at the same time.   From    


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